lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Abrí los ojos para ver, si aún estabas pero ya era tarde.

                                                         It's so late. I lost , I lost you.
My friends were said to me come on, you love it. He loves you . 
But I'm stupid, 'cause I didn't do it , It was so simple.
 he that don't  bet don't win.
& I lose!! 
Why? 'cause I had scary
And now it's so late , late for come back.
I don't forgive myself never this mistake
'cause now, I don't have you
I don't know what  would happen if I say to you what I feel
but if I know something, that I love you, And now it's so late to come back.
NOW , I need to forget. Forget this moments whit you, forget your conversations, your smile and more things.
'cause I love you and I need to try forget.

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